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Well-being and Spring

You don't have to be ill to have acupuncture.  Although acupuncture offers a fantastic way to treat different conditions and problems it also serves any body well who is in good health but wants to do everything possible to maintain it.  Acupuncture comes from a long tradition of preventative health care.  If you are in robust health you could choose have acupuncture seasonally.  We are part of our living environment and there is a long history of acupuncture being used to help individuals adjust to each new season and to draw out the best the season has to offer in ourselves.

This idea comes from the theory of Five Elements which looks at how the natural world is reflected in us. To understand this we need to look at the seasons and how we feel in them. How are you in Spring?  The natural world is busy nesting, mating, growing.  This is the time the trees burst into life, birds adorn fantastic coloured plumage and the energy is said to be upward, pushing and expanding.  How are you in this season?  You are as much part of this natural world as any other organism within it.  Sometimes our own energy can get very stuck in the spring, we want to get going but we can't or we have a burst of activity and wonder why we get a stiff back or go down with a cold. This is all about our own seasonal adjustment.
There are some wonderful acupuncture techniques that can be used this time of year. Ask me about it next time you are in.

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What is Qi?

If you look under qi in a good Chinese dictionary you will find several meanings which express the the character qi (氣).  This concept of Qi is both simple and very complex. Everything in our environment is an embodiment of Qi, from the solar system to the seasons to ourselves.  For the purpose of understanding your treatment, Qi is the life force, it is what makes you or any organism tick.  Without Qi there is no life. Therefore all aspects of our natural universe is an embodiment of Qi 

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How Acupuncture Can Help Migraines

Migraine In the UK just under 6 million people suffer from migraines. The experience of migraine varies enormously between different people. Some people have the occasional debilitating attack while others have repeat and frequent attacks. Some attacks last a day; others can go on for several days.

Traditional Acupuncture recognises that there are different symptoms between people and not one treatment will fit all. When you come for treatment it is important that a treatment plan is tailored to meet your needs and type of migraine. I will ask questions like: how often you get them? What triggers you know about? Whether you get nauseous and visual disturbances?

Acupuncture aims to treat the person rather than just the condition, so I will also ask you lots of other questions like how well you sleep, what your appetite is like, how your energy is generally and many more. This will enable me to get to the root of your problem. By finding this out and treating your all round health more lasting benefits can be found. Most people report a reduction in frequency and intensity, with some migraines being almost totally alleviated.

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Client Testimonials

I personally will always attribute Julia's treatment to be the predominant factor in my extended period of remission from Crohn's disease. Julia is both a trusted friend and therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an alternative therapy.

Haley Creasey

My aches and pains in ankles, knees, hips and lower back disappear and my energy levels are given a very good boost too! It is 45 minutes or so of relaxation in a busy schedule. She keeps up to date with modern acupuncture techniques and has recently returned from a trip to China to experience these new techniques first hand. I cannot recommend Julia highly enough

Christopher Spencer

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Julia's Acupuncture Practice 2 years ago, when I decided to try acupuncture for back problems. After a few treatments the problems were solved. Since I have every confidence in Julia's ability, each treatment is a very relaxing and worthwhile experience.

Jean Osborne

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